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Fig. 7

From: Interaction between NFATc2 and the transcription factor Sp1 in pancreatic carcinoma cells PaTu 8988t

Fig. 7

Functional interaction between NFATc2 and Sp1 in luciferase assay. The artificial NFAT-responsive reporter-promotor construct cisNFAT-Luc and the effector plasmids NFATc2 or Sp1, or both, were transiently transfected into the pancreatic tumor cell lines PaTu 8988t, and relative luciferase activity was determined. In the evaluation, the basal activity of the promoter construct cisNFAT-Luc is normalized to the value 100 and the influences of the regulatory changes are indicated in x-fold increase or reduction of this control. The test repeated three times

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