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Fig. 5

From: Interaction between NFATc2 and the transcription factor Sp1 in pancreatic carcinoma cells PaTu 8988t

Fig. 5

Physical interaction at the NFAT target sequence. DNA oligonucleotide, which includes the NFAT consensus binding sequence GGAAA, was either incubated with the cell lysate of cells stimulated with Ionomycin or untreated cells (a) or transiently transfected with ‘Silencer Negative Control’—siRNA or NFATc2-specific siRNA oligonucleotide and also stimulated or not stimulated (b). Proteins binding to the biotin-marked oligonucleotide sequence were subsequently precipitated with streptavidin. By means of the respective antibodies, NFATc2 and Sp1 were determined by Western blot analysis

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