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Fig. 4

From: Interaction between NFATc2 and the transcription factor Sp1 in pancreatic carcinoma cells PaTu 8988t

Fig. 4

Co-immunoprecipitation of NFATc2 and Sp1 complexes of pancreatic tumor cells. After 3 h incubation with serum-free medium, the cells were stimulated with 0.5 µM of Ionomycin, harvested, and lysed at defined time points (0, 10, and 60 min). NFATc2 or Sp1 proteins were immunoprecipitated by means of an antibody coupled to an agarose bead. Sp1 binding to NFATc2 (a) or NFATc2 binding to Sp1 (b) were analyzed by means of Western blotting

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