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Table 5 Stabilizing Amino Acids Involved in Main-Chain Hydrogen Bonds.

From: Computational modeling and in silico analysis of differential regulation of myo-inositol catabolic enzymes in Cryptococcus neoformans

Protein Amino Acid Amino Acid Amino Acid
MIOX3 Val 109 Arg-116 Gln-211
MIOX2 Val-61 Arg-68 Gln-163
MIOX1 Glu-66 Arg-71 Gln-168
musculus Thr-32 Arg-39 Gln-136
  1. The main chain hydrogen bonds involving Arg and Gln are predicted to be conserved in all four proteins. MIOX2 and MIOX3 protein share a substitution of Val for Thr disrupting the main chain hydrogen bond found at that location in the Mus musculus protein. MIOX1 protein has a conservative substitution of Glu for Thr suggesting the preservation of that main chain hydrogen bond.