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Figure 3

From: A versatile approach to multiple gene RNA interference using microRNA-based short hairpin RNAs

Figure 3

Stable expression of multi-miR-shRNA transcripts in a murine macrophage cell line promotes efficient knockdown of endogenous target genes. (a) Architecture of retroviral vectors (FBneo) used to stably express single or double miR-shRNAs in RAW264.7 (RAW) macrophages. (b-d) Retroviral expression of miR-shRNA can promote efficient and stable knockdown of multiple endogenous target mRNAs; Arrestin 2 and 3 (b), Grk2 and 5 (c) and Pka Cα and Cβ (d) (Data represent averages (± SEM) from at least 2 independent sample sets). (e) Western blots from Pka Cα and Cβ RAW cell lines demonstrate >95% knockdown of target proteins.

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