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Figure 5

From: Bluetongue virus RNA binding protein NS2 is a modulator of viral replication and assembly

Figure 5

Expression of NS2 mutants constitutively in BSR cells. (A) Schematic representation of various NS2 carboxyl- and amino-terminal deletions used to produce inducible mammalian cell line (BSR). (B) Immunoprecipitation of radiolabeled proteins. Radiolabeled cell lysates of the different NS2 cell lines (BSR) were immunoprecipited using polyclonal anti-NS2 antibody. The names of the cell lines are given at the top of the panel. The positions of the various NS2 fragments are indicated. (C) Intracellular distribution of NS2 fragments (green) in inducible NS2 cell lines (BSR). The name of each mutant is indicated.

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