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Figure 5 | BMC Molecular Biology

Figure 5

From: Differential regulation of NAB corepressor genes in Schwann cells

Figure 5

ETS expression in peripheral nerve. A) Immunoblot analysis was used to determine protein levels of Etv1 and Ets2 in rat sciatic nerve at P5 and P15. Three amounts of the P15 lysate (in increasing 2-fold amounts) were loaded to facilitate comparison with the expression level at P5. For each antibody, the blot was reprobed with a β-actin antibody as a normalization control. B) Expression levels of Ets2, Etv1, and Elk3, in wild-type (+/+) and homozygous null (-/-) Egr2 mice at P7, were determined by quantitative RT-PCR. The relative levels of each gene were normalized to 18S rRNA and fold induction was determined as compared to wild-type sample, which was set as 1.

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