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Figure 11

From: Screening and analysis of PoAkirin1 and two related genes in response to immunological stimulants in the Japanese flounder (Paralichthys olivaceus)

Figure 11

SDS-PAGE and Western blot analysis of PoHEPN protein. A: SDS-PAGE analysis of PoHEPN protein expression. M: Protein MW marker (Broad); 1: BL21(DE3)T1R induced whole cell; 2: BL21(DE3)T1R induced Supernatant; 3: BL21(DE3)T1R induced precipitate; 4: pET30-HEPN induced whole cell; 5: pET30-HEPN induced whole cell; 6: pET30-HEPN induced whole cell. B: Western blot analysis of PoHEPN protein.

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