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Figure 4

From: Drosophila MOF controls Checkpoint protein2 and regulates genomic stability during early embryogenesis

Figure 4

Mitotic asynchrony in mof1heterozygotes. Early embryos from 0–2 h were collected from control yw67c23 and mof1 mutants and immunostaining was carried out using PH3 antibody (green) which is mitotic marker. DNA was stained with PI (red). A and A’ represents control yw67c23 while B and B’ represents mof1 embryos during pre-syncytial and syncytial blastoderm stages respectively. In the case of mof1 embryos the nuclei are unevenly spaced and not all chromsomes are stained with PH3 indicating the existance of mitotic asynchrony during pre-syncytial blastoderm stage. Bar indicates 10 μm scale.

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