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Fig. 4

From: Giant group I intron in a mitochondrial genome is removed by RNA back-splicing

Fig. 4

RNA back-splicing by ND5-717 group I intron in corallimorpharians. a In silico mapping of Ion PGM transcriptome reads to the ND5 precursor RNA. The R. yuma map is shown. The map also corresponds to the 2.13 kb circular RNA intermediate (MTcircRNA-ND5). Ex1, ND5 exon 1; Ex2, ND5 exon 2; W, tRNA Trp. b Map of circular RNA intermediate. Primers F2/R2 binds to exon 2, but in opposite directions. Right panel—the 1.5 kb F2/R2 amplicon from R. yuma (lane 2) and A. fenestrafer (lane 3). M, 1 kb ladder marker; lane 1, negative control. c Chromatogram of the 1.5 kb amplicon (exemplified in R. yuma)

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