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Fig. 2

From: Giant group I intron in a mitochondrial genome is removed by RNA back-splicing

Fig. 2

COI gene features in Ricordea yuma and Amplexidiscus fenestrafer. a Secondary structure diagrams of corallimorpharian COI-884 group I introns (R. yuma, left; A. fenestrafer, right). The ten conserved paired segments of the catalytic core (P1 to P10) are shown, and flanking COI exons sequences are in red letters. The P8 extension containing the HEG is indicated and in small red circles are nucleotides substitutions in A. fenestrafer compared to R. yuma. The blue circles show the catalytic core sequences at the G-binding site. b Representation of COI mRNA sequences consisting of ligated exons. The ligation junctions are indicated, and below are the sequencing chromatograms

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