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Fig. 1

From: Giant group I intron in a mitochondrial genome is removed by RNA back-splicing

Fig. 1

Mitochondrial genome and transcripts in Ricordea yuma and Amplexidiscus fenestrafer. a Schematic view of mitochondrial genome content and organization of circular mtDNA (presented as a linear map). Obligatory ND5-717 and mobile-like COI-884 introns are indicated. ND5 exons and COI exons are shown in orange and green colors, respectively. Abbreviations: SSU and LSU, mitochondrial small- and large-subunit ribosomal RNA genes. ND1-6, NADH dehydrogenase subunit 1 to 6 genes. COI-III, cytochrome c oxidase subunit I to III genes. A6 and A8, ATPase subunit 6 and 8 genes. CytB, cytochrome B gene; HEG, homing endonuclease gene; aORF, antisense open reading frame. W and M; tRNA genes for Trp and Met, respectively, indicated by the standard one-letter symbols for amino acids. b Mapped transcript reads generated by Ion Torrent PGM from protein coding and rRNA coding regions. Presented below is read coverage per gene region (R. yuma/A. fenestrafer). c Histograms representing estimated normalized read numbers for R. yuma (R; black) and A. fenestrafer (A; grey). Three separate PGM runs were performed for each species. The PGM transcript number of each RNA was normalized to the size of gene coding regions (PGM reads/kb). The estimated normalized read numbers vary between approximately 7 reads/kb and 6965 reads/kb

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