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Fig. 4

From: The Dictyostelium discoideum homologue of Twinkle, Twm1, is a mitochondrial DNA helicase, an active primase and promotes mitochondrial DNA replication

Fig. 4

Loss and recovery of twm1 antisense transformant mtDNA following EtBr exposure. Parental AX2 and twm1 antisense transformants (TAS) were exposed to EtBr for 24 h, and subsequently allowed a further 24 h to recover. Relative mtDNA copy number was determined using qPCR and the single copy tubB nuclear gene, with each strain compared to its initial mtDNA copy number (100%). Error bars represent the standard error, while p values were calculated using the Student’s t-test (*< 0.05; **< 0.005; ***< 0.001). p values for TAS samples at T24 were determined compared to AX2 at T24. For T48 samples, the p value was calculated from the proportional increase of mtDNA from T24 to T48, given each strain’s different mtDNA copy number at T24. This data is also presented in Table 1

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