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Fig. 3

From: Nutrient depletion and TOR inhibition induce 18S and 25S ribosomal RNAs resistant to a 5′-phosphate-dependent exonuclease in Candida albicans and other yeasts

Fig. 3

TOR inhibition also leads to Terminator resistance. a SYBR gold stained gel showing RNA from cells grown in fresh YPD with rapamycin at 1 µg/ml for 6 h at 30 °C. Controls (Rap-) were cells in fresh YPD without rapamycin for 6 h at 30 °C. RNA was either undigested (u) or digested by Terminator (d). b Northern blot from a. c Western blot performed on protein isolated and probed with S6 kinase and actin specific antibodies from cells grown as in a with and without rapamycin treatment. d Northern blot performed with ITS2 specific probe using RNA from cells grown under the same conditions as in a (see Table 1 for probe sequences). All blots started with the same amount of total RNA or protein loaded for all conditions

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