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Fig. 3

From: Mitochondrial RNA processing in absence of tRNA punctuations in octocorals

Fig. 3

Mapped 5′ and 3′ ends of mature mitochondrial mRNAs. a Schematic representation of Sinularia mito-transcriptome arrangement. Arrows above show transcription orientation. Lines below denote the transcription units (mono- and polycistronic transcripts). Black lines below indicate transcription units for which one or both the ends are known, whereas grey lines (below ND1 and COIII) indicate units for which ends remained unknown. Asterisk shows the transcription units for which alternate ends were detected. b Summary of 5′ end mapping for mt-mtRNAs. The 5′ UTR regions are underlined. Shaded boxes depict start codons. Hash indicates detection using both, RACE and cRT-PCR methods. Nucleotide positions of the first base of the start codons are indicated. c Summary of 3′ end mapping for mt-mtRNAs. The 3′ UTR regions are underlined. Colored boxes highlight stop codons. Nucleotide positions of the last base of stop codons are indicated. d Alternative starting positions (5′ ends) of CytBND6 mRNA

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