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Fig. 4

From: Temperature-induced variation in gene expression burst size in metazoan cells

Fig. 4

Temperature influence on the Mean fluorescence intensity (MFI) and the normalized variance (NV). Cells were incubated at indicated temperature during 48 or 120 h. Then, the cells were replaced at 37 °C during 48 h. The MFI (a) and the NV (b) were measured by flow cytometry on 50,000 gated lived cells. The raw data were transformed in percentage of the corresponding sample at 37 °C (see “Methods”). This representation permits a better comparison of the results as the MFI and the NV could be very different depending on the genome transgene insertion site. N = 9, error bars represent SD. Brackets indicate significantly different values (*p value <0.05; **p value <0.01 for a paired Wilcoxon test)

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