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Figure 3

From: The human SIN3B corepressor forms a nucleolar complex with leukemia-associated ETO homologues

Figure 3

hSIN3B interacts with V5-tagged ETO homologues. COS-7 cells were transfected with pCMV_ETO-V5 (EV5) pCMV_ MTGR1-V5 (ER5), pCMV_ MTG16 -V5 (16V5) in combination with hSIN3B (S) as described in Materials and Methods. IP and Western were performed with α-V5 (V5 specific) and α-S (hSIN3B specific). (A-B) ETO and MTG16 co-precipitated hSIN3B (Lanes 1 and 7 of A respectively). Reciprocal experiments showed that hSIN3B co-precipitated ETO (Lanes 2 and 8 of B respectively). Arrowhead shows the position of ETO in A and MTGR1 in B. MTGR1 failed to co-precipitate hSIN3B (Lane 4 of A). The reciprocal experiment showed that hSIN3B did not precipitate MTGR1 (Lane 5 of B). Lower panels in A and B show input of hSIN3B and ETO homologue in 2% of IP lysate. The positions of the molecular weight markers are indicated at the left.

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