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Figure 3

From: The use of Multiple Displacement Amplified DNA as a control for Methylation Specific PCR, Pyrosequencing, Bisulfite Sequencing and Methylation-Sensitive Restriction Enzyme PCR

Figure 3

Bisulfite sequencing results for MMP-14. a) When genomic DNA (lane 1) and bisulfite treated mDNA (lane 2) and uDNA (lane 3) were used as template for sequencing in combination with primers for MMP-14 a PCR product was generated for all samples but not the negative control (lane 4). Sequencing results for b) non-amplified genomic DNA, c) uDNA and d) mDNA demonstrate that MDA treatment generates DNA (uDNA) free of all methylation as when it is bisulfite treated all cytosine are converted to thymine [indicated by asterix (*)]. In addition, sequencing also demonstrates that M.SssI treatment (mDNA) methylates CpG motifs as cytosines are retained when present as part of a CpG dinucleotide (indicated by *).

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