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Figure 2

From: Alternative splicing of human peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor delta (PPARdelta):effects on translation efficiency and trans-activation ability

Figure 2

TaqMan analysis of splice products in human cell lines and tissues.

Real-time PCR on cDNA from human cell lines (A-E) and human tissues (F-H) using primers and probes specified in Table 3 was performed as described in "Methods". The following combinations of primers and probes were used for each TaqMan assay; TQEx8Fw, TQEx9Rev and Ex8:9Pr (Ex8:9); TQEx2Fw, TQEx4Rev and Ex2:4Pr (Ex2:4); TQEx2Fw, TQEx2aRev and Ex2:2aPr (Ex2:2a); TQEx2cFw, TQEx3Rev and Ex2c:3Pr (Ex2c:3); TQEx2Fw, TQEx2eRev and Ex2:2ePr (Ex2:2e). The result of each assay was normalized to the result of the Ex8:9 assay using the comparative CT method and presented as the mean relative expression levels (± SD).

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