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Figure 1

From: Selection strategy and the design of hybrid oligonucleotide primers for RACE-PCR: cloning a family of toxin-like sequences from Agelena orientalis

Figure 1

Overview of PCR-based strategies suitable for the amplification of cDNAs. For references see PCR/RT-PCR [14, 15], RACE-PCR [19], LS-SSP-PCR [23], AP-PCR/DD-PCR [24, 25] and AFLP [26]. The use of nested primers not shown as the principle which can be applied to any of the above or their combinations. A PCR amplification relying on the use of fully degenerate, partially degenerate (hybrid) or "best guess" primers occupies a place in-between the PCR approaches illustrated. The outcome of such PCR may vary, as schematically indicated in grey lines. The best case scenario indicated with solid grey line, the worst case scenario – with dashed grey line.

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