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Figure 3

From: Exploring cellular memory molecules marking competent and active transcriptions

Figure 3

The occupancies of NF-E2p45 on mouse α-like and β-like globin gene clusters in asynchronous (A) and mitotic (M) MEL cells. A. The schematic presentation of mouse α-like and β-like globin gene clusters. Globin genes are shown in dark rectangle. The DNase I hypersensitive sites-HS26, HS21, HS8 of mouse α-globin locus and HS3, HS2, HS1 of mouse β-globin locus, which are analyzed in ChIP assay, are shown in arrow. B. The relative occupancies of NF-E2p45 at HS sites of globin clusters in A and M cell populations were analyzed after normalizing the DNA amount differences in A and M cell populations through DNA input (In-A and In-M).

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