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Figure 6

From: Human NCU-G1 can function as a transcription factor and as a nuclear receptor co-activator

Figure 6

Human NCU-G1 co-localises with PPAR-alpha in the nucleus. HeLa cells were transiently transfected with 0.8 μg pNCU-G1-EGFP and 0.8 μg pRFP-PPAR-alpha. Twenty hours after transfection WY14643 was added to 2 μM. Six hours later the live cells were analysed by confocal fluorescence microscopy. Panel A: Green fluorescence showing subcellular localisation of NCU-G1-EGFP. Panel B: Red fluorescence showing subcellular localisation of RFP-PPAR-alpha. Panel C: Merged picture. Arrows show foci of co-localisation.

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