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Figure 9

From: The DeoR-type transcriptional regulator SugR acts as a repressor for genes encoding the phosphoenolpyruvate:sugar phosphotransferase system (PTS) in Corynebacterium glutamicum

Figure 9

Identification of effector substances inactivating the repressor protein SugR. Electrophoretic mobility shift analysis of 15 pmol purified SugR protein complexed with 0.05 pmol of the DNA fragment I2 in the presence of different putative effectors were conducted. Effectors applied to the SugR/I2-complex at varying concentrations as described were A) fructose-1-phosphate (F-1-P), B) fructose-1,6-bisphosphate (F-1,6-P), C) fructose-6-phosphate (F-6-P), and D) glucose-6-phosphate (G-6-P)

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