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Table 3 Ubiquitous expression of ABCA17P RNA in human tissues

From: The human ortholog of the rodent testis-specific ABC transporter Abca17 is a ubiquitously expressed pseudogene (ABCA17P) and shares a common 5' end with ABCA3

Tissue RNA expression Tissue RNA expression
Whole brain Lung
Cerebral cortex ••• Placenta
Frontal lobe •• Bladder ••
Parietal lobe •• Uterus ••
Occipital lobe Prostate
Temporal lobe Testis
Postcentral gyrus Ovary
of cerebral cortex   Liver
Pons Pancreas •••
Cerebellum left Adrenal gland •••
Cerebellum right •• Thyroid gland ••
Corpus callosum ••• Salivary gland ••••
Amygdala •• Mammary gland
Caudate nucleus Esophagus
Hippocampus Stomach
Medulla Duodenum ••
oblongata   Jejunum •••
Putamen Ileum ••
Substantia nigra Ileocecum
Accumbens •• Appendix -
nucleus   Colon, ascending
Thalamus •• Colon, transverse
Pituary gland Colon, descending
Spinal cord Rectum
Heart •• Fetal brain
Aorta Fetal heart ••
Artrium left •• Fetal kidney •••
Artrium right •• Fetal liver •••
Ventricle left •••• Fetal spleen
Ventricle right •• Fetal thymus
Interventricular •• Fetal lung
septum   Promyelocytic leukaemia,
Apex of the heart •••• HL-60  
Kidney Hela S3
Skeletal muscle Chronic myelogenous ••
Spleen leukaemia, K-562  
Thymus •• Lymphoblastic leukaemia, ••
Peripheral blood MOLT-4  
leukocyte   Burkitt's lymphoma, Raji
Lymph node Burkitt's lymphoma, Daudi
  1. ABCA17P RNA expression for individual tissues was determined by dot blot and quantitated using electronic autoradiography. The relative signal intensities were translated into a linear scale (0–4). -, not expressed.