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Figure 2

From: Flexible promoter architecture requirements for coactivator recruitment

Figure 2

Minimum distances between conserved Cbf1 and Met31/32 binding sites in annotated sulfur-regulated promoters. (A) Histogram of minimum distances between a Cbf1 binding site (TCACGTG) and a Met31/32 (TGTGGC) binding site. Distances were calculated from the center of each binding site, as indicated by the arrows between the consensus sequences. (B) Helical wheel projection of minimum distances. Cbf1 binding sites were aligned at the top of the helical wheel (position 0). Each green dot represents the remainder of a minimum distance from (A) divided by 10.5 bp. Since the helical pitch of DNA is 10.4 bp, each dot approximates the position of the Met31/32 binding site relative to the Cbf1 binding site. (C) Histogram of distances between the Met31/32 binding sites from (A) and the translation start site.

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