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Figure 1

From: Cloning and expression analysis of two distinct HIF-alpha isoforms – gcHIF-1alpha and gcHIF-4alpha – from the hypoxia-tolerant grass carp, Ctenopharyngodon idellus

Figure 1

Domain structures of the inferred gcHIF-1α and gcHIF-4α proteins. Sequence identities between homologous domains of the two HIF-α isoforms encoded by cDNA clones, SL18 and SL12, are shown. The amino acid positions delineating the different domains are indicated and include: bHLH, basic helix-loop-helix domain; PASA/B, Per-ARNT-Sim A/B domains; PAC, domain C-terminal to PAS motifs; ODD, oxygen dependent degradation domain; N-TAD, N-terminal transactivation domain; and C-TAD, C-terminal transactivation domain.

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