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Table 1 Change in Basal Luciferase Expression from Promoters with Addition of the IE1 Trans activator

From: High-level gene expression in Aedes albopictus cells using a baculovirus Hr3 enhancer and IE1 trans activator

Promoter Firefly Luciferase Renilla Luciferase Ratio
Act5C ↑ 17 x ↑ 30 x ↓ 1.9 x
IE1 ↑ 169 x ↑ 138 x ↑ 1.2 x
pUb ↑ 11 x ↑ 202 x ↓ 18.3 x
  1. This summary of the data presented in Fig. 2 shows the fold change of firefly luciferase expression from each basal promoter following addition of the IE1 trans activator, the fold-increase in expression from the control Renilla luciferase plasmid under control of the hsp82 promoter and the overall change in ratio.