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Table 1 Bacterial strains used here

From: Accumulation of large non-circular forms of the chromosome in recombination-defective mutants of Escherichia coli

Strain Other name Genotype Source/Reference
AB1157 BIK788 thr-1 leu-6 thi-1 lacY1 galK2 ara-14 xyl-5 mtl-1 proA2 his-4 argE3 str-31 tsx-33 supE44 rec + [36]
TES1 BIK733 As AB1157, but ΔrecA306::Tn10 K. Yamamoto/[37]
JC5519 BIK751 As AB1157, but recB21 recC22 T. Kato/[38]
N2101 BIK2876 recB268::Tn10 R. Lloyd/[39]
N2103 BIK2877 recC266::Tn10 R. Lloyd/[39]
BIK3961   As AB1157, but recB268::Tn10 P1 (BIK2876) to AB1157
BIK3963   As AB1157, but recC266::Tn10 P1 (BIK2877) to AB1157
BIK806   As AB1157, but recD1901::Tn10 [40]
JC9239 BIK783 As AB1157, but recF143 A. J. Clark
BIK1538   As AB1157, but recG258::mini-Tn10 Kan P1 (BIK1400) to AB1157
JC12123 BIK 787 recJ284::Tn10 his-4 A. Clark/[41]
BIK2563   As AB1157, but recJ284::Tn10 P1 (BIK787) to AB1157
BIK2565   As AB1157, but recN1502::Tn5 P1 (BIK1044) to AB1157
KEN24 BIK1179 As AB1157, but recO1504::Tn5 K. Yamamoto/[40]
KD2216 BIK1048 recQ1803::Tn3 ilv-145 metE46 his-4 trpC3 pro thi thyA::Tn5 thyR mtl-1 malA1 ara-9 galK2 lac-114 rpsL ton F- H. Nakayama/[42]
BIK2680   As AB1157, but recQ1803::Tn3 P1 (BIK1048) to AB1157
BIK2577   As AB1157, but recR252::mini-Tn10 Kan P1 (BIK1399) to AB1157
HRS1004 BIK1331 ΔruvAB::Tc T. Shiba & H. Shinagawa
HRS2302 BIK1620 As AB1157, but ΔruvAB100::Cm H. Shinagawa/[24]
HRS1100 BIK1618 As AB1157, but ΔruvC100::Cm H. Shinagawa/[43]
KEN72 BIK1051 As AB1157, but ruvC53 eda::Tn10 K. Yamamoto
JC8679 BIK813 As AB1157, but recB21 recC22 sbcA23 A. J. Clark/[44]
BIK1415   As JC8679, but ΔrecA306::Tn10 [26]
JC8691 BIK784 As JC8679, but recE159 A. J. Clark/[44]
JC9610 BIK786 As JC8679, but recF143 A. J. Clark/[44]
N2796 BIK1400 As JC8679, but recG258::mini-Tn10 Kan R. Lloyd/[45]
BIK814   As JC8679, but recJ284::Tn10 Kusano et al. (1994b)
BIK1044   As JC8679, but recN1502::Tn5 Takahashi et al. (1993)
BIK1192   As JC8679, but recO::Tn5 [26]
RDK1693 BIK1401 As JC8679, but recQ1801 S. Lovett/[46]
BIK1427   As JC8679, but recQ1801 recJ284::Tn10 [26]
BIK1224   As JC8679, but recQ1803::Tn3 [26]
AM265 BIK1399 As JC8679, but recR252::mini-Tn10 Kan R. Lloyd/[47]
BIK3884   As JC8679, but recT101::Tn10 N. Kobayashi-Takahashi
BIK1478   As JC8679, but ΔruvAB::Tc P1 (BIK1331) to JC8679
BIK1050   As JC8679, but ruvC53 eda::Tn10 [26]
JC7623 BIK752 As AB1157, but recB21 recC22 sbcB15 sbcC201 T. Kato/[48, 49]
BIK2176   As JC7623, but ΔrecA306::Tn10 P1 (BIK733) to JC7623
JC8111 BIK749 As JC7623, but recF143 A. J. Clark
BIK1772   As JC7623, but recJ284::Tn10 P1 (BIK814) to JC7623
BIK1212   As JC7623, but recN262 tyrA16::Tn10 [10]
BIK1774   As JC7623, but recQ1803::Tn3 P1 (BIK1224) to JC7623
BIK1776   As JC7623, but recR252::mini-Tn10 Kan P1 (BIK1399) to JC7623
KEN87 BIK1181 As JC7623, but ruvC53 eda::Tn10 K. Yamamoto
V66 BIK796 recF143 his-4 met rpsL31 gal xyl(?) ara(?) argA21 F-λ- A. Taylor/[21]
V68 BIK2411 As V66, but recC73 G. Smith/[50]
V73 BIK1275 As V66, but recC73 recC1001 G. Smith/[21, 50]
V69 BIK1272 As V66, but recC73 recC1002 G. Smith/[21]
V71 BIK1273 As V66, but recC73 recC1003 G. Smith/[21, 50]
V72 BIK1274 As V66, but recC73 recC1004 G. Smith/[21, 50]
V1296 BIK1910 As V66, but recC2145 G. Smith/[22]
V1360 BIK1911 As V66, but recB2154 G. Smith/[22]
V1363 BIK1912 As V66, but recB2155 G. Smith/[22]
BIK1288   As V66, but recF+zic::Tn10 [51]
BIK3713   As BIK1288 (tetS) tetS selection from BIK1288
NK5992 BIK800 IN (rrnD-rrnE) 1 λ- F- argA81::Tn10 N. Kleckner via A. Taylor
BIK3732   As BIK2411, but argA81::Tn10 P1 (BIK800) to BIK2411
BIK3738   As BIK3713, but recC73 argA81::Tn10 P1 (BIK3732) to BIK3713
BIK4034   As AB1157, but recC73 argA81::Tn10 P1 (BIK3732) to AB1157
A211 BIK1276 IN (rrnD-rrnE) 1 λ- F- lacZs 20YconstgyrB+recF+zic::Tn10 A. Miura
BIK1286   As BIK1275, but recF+zic::Tn10 P1 (BIK1276) to BIK1275
BIK1290   As BIK1272, but recF+zic::Tn10 P1 (BIK1276) to BIK1272
BIK1282   As BIK1273, but recF+zic::Tn10 [51]
BIK1284   As BIK1274, but recF+zic::Tn10 [51]
BIK2445   As BIK1910, but recF+zic::Tn10 [51]
BIK2446   As BIK1911, but recF+zic::Tn10 [51]
BIK2447   As BIK1912, but recF+zic::Tn10 [51]