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Figure 4

From: Directional telomeric silencing and lack of canonical B1 elements in two silencer Autonomously Replicating Sequences in S. cerevisiae

Figure 4

Alignment of replicator and silencer ARSs . The ARSs listed below were aligned using WebLogo ( Diagram depicting the possible binding of ORC is shown on the right. A. Alignment of 25 replicator ARS as in[8]. The list of ARSs is available upon request. The WTW consensus of the B1 element is shown in the rectangle. B. Alignment of subtelomeric ARS. ARS319 was used to search for related sequences by BLAST. 144 matches were identified. The top 20 entries were all located in the subtelomeric regions. These were aligned at the ACS (WTTTAYRTTTW) and analyzed by WebLogo.

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