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Table 4 Strains

From: Recombination Phenotypes of Escherichia coli greA Mutants

MG1655 Wild type [43]
MDS12 Reduced genome version of MG1655 [35]
JW1100 mfdΔkanFRT [38]
JW3369 greBΔkanFRT [38]
TP796 MDS12 recAΔtet [44]
TP798 MG1655 recBCDΔPtac-gam-bet-exo-cat [44]
Strains constructed for this study. All are in the MG1655 background
TP933 recBCDΔPtac-gam-bet-exo-cat lacIPΔ::bla-P32-aacC-lacZ TP798 × bpa1,aof2 pcr of pTP1068
TP965 recBCDΔPtac-gam-bet-exo-cat lacIPΔbla'-kan-'lacZ TP933 × PRO1,2 pcr of Tn903 aph
TP1195 greA::tet41 MG1655/pKM208 × greA9,X pcr of Tn10 tet
TP1198 greA-D41N TP1195/pKM208 × oligo D41N
TP1201 recAΔtet MG1655 × P1•TP796
TP1202 greA-D41N recAΔtet TP1198 × P1•TP796
TP1203 greA::tet44 MG1655/pKM208 × greAY,Z pcr of Tn10
TP1204 greA-D41A TP1195/pKM208 × oligo D41A
TP1205 greAΔ TP1195/pKM208 × oligo greAD
TP1208 greA-D41A recAΔtet TP1204 × P1•TP796
TP1209 greAΔ recAΔtet TP1205 × P1•TP796
TP1213 greAΔ greBΔtet TP1205 × P1•TP1199
TP1216 greA-E44K TP1203/pKM208 × oligo E44K
TP1218 greBΔkanFRT MG1655 × P1•JW3369
TP1219 greA-E44K recAΔtet TP1216 × P1•TP796
TP1220 greA-E44K greBΔtet TP1216 × P1•TP1199
TP1222 greBΔFRT TP1218/pCP20 passaged at 42°
TP1224 greA-D41N greBΔkanFRT TP1198 × P1• JW3369
TP1225 lacIPΔbla'-kan-'lacZ MG1655 × P1•TP965
TP1226 greA-D41N lacIPΔbla'-kan-'lacZ TP1198 × P1•TP965
TP1227 greA-D41A lacIPΔbla'-kan-'lacZ TP1204 × P1•TP965
TP1229 greA-E44K lacIPΔbla'-kan-'lacZ TP1216 × P1•TP965
TP1230 recBCDΔred-cat greA-D41N TP1198 × P1•TP798
TP1231 greA-D41N greBΔFRT TP1224/pCP20 passaged at 41°
TP1232 greBΔFRT lacIPΔbla'-kan-'lacZ TP1222 × P1•TP965
TP1233 greA-D41N greBΔFRT lacIPΔbla'-kan-'lacZ TP1231 × P1•TP965
TP1234 lacIPΔ::bla-P32 TP1225/pTP1216 × pTP1232 linear
TP1235 greBΔFRT recAΔtet TP1222 × P1•TP796
TP1236 greA-D41N greBΔFRT recAΔtet TP1231 × P1•TP796
TP1241 greAΔcat lacIPΔbla'-kan-'lacZ TP1193 × P1•TP965
TP1242 greAΔ lacIPΔbla'-kan-'lacZ TP1205 × P1•TP965
TP1252 mfdΔkanFRT MG1655 × P1•JW1100
TP1253 greA-D41N mfdΔkanFRT TP1198 × P1•JW1100
TP1254 greA-E44K mfdΔkanFRT TP1216 × P1•JW1100
TP1255 dksAΔ10::cat MG1655/pKM208 × cat40,41 pcr of Tn9
TP1257 mfdΔFRT TP1252/pCP20 passaged at 41°
TP1258 greA-D41N mfdΔFRT TP1253/pCP20 passaged at 41°
TP1259 greA-E44K mfdΔFRT TP1254/pCP20 passaged at 41°
TP1260 dksA-D71N/D74N TP1255/pKM208 × oligo dksNN
TP1262 dksA-D71N/D74N recAΔtet TP1262 × P1•TP796
TP1263 dksAΔ TP1255/pKM208 × oligo dksAD
TP1264 dksAΔ recAΔtet TP1263 × P1•TP796