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Figure 6

From: Genome-wide search identifies Ccnd2 as a direct transcriptional target of Elf5 in mouse mammary gland

Figure 6

Altered expression of Ccnd2 and p27 during pregnancy. (A-D) P12.5 (E-H) P17.5. At P12.5, in WT tissues Ccnd2 was expressed exclusively in the basal cells (yellow arrowhead) (A). However, in Elf5-deficient tissue (K14-Cre/Elf5f/f) at P12.5 frequently cells were observed in luminal compartment that were positive for Ccnd2 (yellow arrowhead=basal position, white arrowhead=luminal position in C). At later time points during pregnancy (P17.5), Ccnd2 was expressed predominantly at the basal cells (yellow arrowhead) in the WT tissue (E). Few luminal cells were positive for Ccnd2 (white arrowhead). In the Elf5-deficient tissues, large number of Ccnd2 positive cells was observed in the luminal compartment (white arrowhead, G). Yellow arrowheads show localization of Ccnd2 in basal cells.

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