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Figure 5

From: A small intergenic region drives exclusive tissue-specific expression of the adjacent genes in Arabidopsis thaliana

Figure 5

Intergenic sequence and 5'UTRs. The double strand sequence of the intergenic and the 5'UTR regions of 2cpb and puf are shown in A. The cis-elements found in the analyzed region are indicated at the bottom of the figure. More details of the 28 bp region (enclosed) are shown in B. The plus (+) strand is upstream of At5g06290 and the minus strand is upstream of At5g06280. The 5'UTRs are shown in light green. Asterisks indicate the TSS. No TATA boxes have been found. ATHB1 is the binding site of the transcription factor ATHB1, which is involved in differentiation of the palisade mesophyll cells and leaf development. ATHB2 is the binding site of the transcription factor ATHB2, which is an element of response to far-red light. ATHB5 is the binding site of the transcription factor ATHB5, which is involved in the regulation of light-dependent developmental phenomena. Hox2a_Hox2a is the binding site of proteins with the homeodomains ZmHOX2a(1) and ZmHOX2a(2). CCAAT box is found in the promoter of Hsp genes. Y Patch is a direction-sensitive plant core promoter element that appears around TSS. REG is a direction-insensitive element that is preferentially found around -20 to -400 bp relative to TSS. AACA is a negative regulatory element in vascular promoters that repress activity in other cell types. The yeast heat shock factor 1 binding sequence nTTCn is underlined in the minus strand and overlined in the plus strand.

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