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Table 2 The numbers of β-gal-IR positive cells that costain for NeuN-IR from rats sacrificed at 4 days or 2 months after microinjection of pNFHlac packaged using specific combinations of mutated HSV-1 proteins

From: Improved long-term expression from helper virus-free HSV-1 vectors packaged using combinations of mutated HSV-1 proteins that include the UL13 protein kinase and specific components of the VP16 transcriptional complex

Time after
gene transfer
Total β-gal-IR
positive cells
β-gal-IR and NeuN-IR positive cells % costained
Δul46&47, ul13g 4 days 199 180 90
Δul46&47, ul13g 2 months 110 98 89
VP16in14, gene12, ul13g 4 days 200 181 91
VP16in14, gene12, ul13g 2 months 78 69 88
VP16in14, gene12 4 days 205 190 93
Δul46&47 4 days 195 179 92
ul13g 4 days 211 189 90
wt 4 days 198 176 89
  1. β-gal-IR was detected using a rabbit anti-E. coli β-gal antibody that was visualized with a fluorescein isothiocyanate-conjugated goat anti-rabbit IgG, and NeuN-IR was detected in the same sections using a mouse monoclonal anti-NeuN antibody that was visualized with a rhodamine isothiocyanate-conjugated goat anti-mouse IgG.