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Figure 2

From: A novel liver specific isoform of the rat LAR transcript is expressed as a truncated isoform encoded from a 5'UTR located within intron 11

Figure 2

PCR analysis of the novel transcript from a variety of rat tissues. (A) Primer locations to produce either (i) the novel transcript, (ii) the full-length transcript spanning the region of the 5'UTR, or (iii) beta-actin. These primers were used to examine the presence of the novel transcript in (B) liver from male offspring of rats supplied either a control (Control) or low protein diet (maternal low protein-MLP) during gestation and lactation and (C) a variety of normal rat tissues. A-Adrenal, T-Testis, Lu-Lung, C-Colon, Li-Liver, Br-Brain, K-kidney, SI-Small Intestine, Sp-Spleen, M-Muscle, F-Fat.

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