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Fig. 7

From: Comparison of miRNA-101a-3p and miRNA-144a-3p regulation with the key genes of alpaca melanocyte pigmentation

Fig. 7

Immunohistochemically localization and analysis of MITF, TYR, TYRP1, TYRP2 protein in alpaca melanocyte. c represents the melanocytes without primary antibody, K represents the melanocytes with primary antibody, M represents mimic transfected group, and I represent inhibitor group. AD represents the protein expression of MITF, TYR, TYRP1 and TYRP2, respectively. The black column represents miR-101a-3p & miR-144a-3p (1:1) group. The light gray column represents miR-144a-3p group. The dark gray column represents miR-101a-3p group (* means P < 0.05, ** means P < 0.01, *** means P < 0.001)

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