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Table 4 Differently expressed genes indicating cellular stress in Pseudo-nitzschia in presence of predator cues from Calanus

From: Transcriptomic responses to grazing reveal the metabolic pathway leading to the biosynthesis of domoic acid and highlight different defense strategies in diatoms

Cellular stress
Accession number Mean FC Adjusted P value Gene name Description Enzyme
PSN0046491 3.76 0.004 HSF2 Heat shock factor protein 2 NA
PSN0008255 2.6 < 0.001 RALDH1/ALDH-E1 Retinal dehydrogenase/aldehyde dehydrogenase family 1 1.2.36
PSN0002391 1.7 0.001 DNAJB2 Homolog subfamily B member 2/Heat shock 40 kDa protein 3 NA
PSN0017080 1.63 0.042 HSF 1/HSTF 3A Heat shock factor protein 1 NA
PSN0009322 1.56 0.016 OsHsf-18 Heat stress transcription factor-A-2b NA
PSN0001244 1.5 0.044 HSP90B Heat shock protein 90 kDa beta NA
PSN0002436 − 1.6 0.037 CYPIVDS8 Cytochrome P450 4d8 NA
PSN0019585 − 2.03 0.003 NA Glutathione S-transferase NA
  1. Mean fold change (FC) and adjusted P values are based on three replicates