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Fig. 14

From: RNA sequencing, selection of reference genes and demonstration of feeding RNAi in Thrips tabaci (Lind.) (Thysanoptera: Thripidae)

Fig. 14

Percent mortality of Thrips tabaci post 48 h feeding of dsRNA incorporated in synthetic diet through membrane feeding assay. Error bars represents SE ± mean based on three replication. a Bioassay with dsSNF7 and dsAQP as compared to dsGFP (N = 75–100). b Reduction in dsSNF7 mortality due to simultaneous feeding of dsStaufen + dsSNF7 compared to dsGFP + dsSNF7 (N = 45). c Reduction in mortality of dsDicer + dsAQP compared to dsGFP + dsAQP (N = 75). *Indicates significant percent mortality compared to dsGFP-control and #indicates significant difference between first two treatments in B and C (P ≤ 0.05, Student’s t-test)

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