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Fig. 6

From: Genome-wide identification of brain miRNAs in response to high-intensity intermittent swimming training in Rattus norvegicus by deep sequencing

Fig. 6

Validation of expression changes of miRNA targets in rat brain between HIST and NC by qRT-PCR and SABC immunohistochemistry. a Gel electrophoresis results of qRT-PCR for five target genes (Ngf, Ncdn, Fos, Atrn, and Ptn). Here, U6 snRNA was used as an internal control. b The expression fold changes of five target genes between HIST and NC detected by qRT-PCR. The vertical axis is the values of the Fold-change (log2(HIST/NC)) of target gene expression in response to HIST. c The immunohistochemistry results of brain c-fos protein expression changes between HIST and NC. Under the light microscope, c-Fos protein expression was detected in primary motor cortex (M1) and secondary motor cortex (M2) by the SABC immunohistochemistry techniques. II and IV are the c-Fos expression results in M1 and M2 regions of the HIST group, respectively. I and III are their corresponding controls. The number of Fos positive cells in M1 and M2 is significantly increased in response to HIST

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