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Table 6 Characterization of few candidate canonical pathways for meat tenderness

From: MiRNAs differentially expressed in skeletal muscle of animals with divergent estimated breeding values for beef tenderness

Canonical Pathway miRNAa Target genes
Apoptosis signaling bta-mir-182 ROCK1, CAPN5, CASP2, MRAS, PRKCE, CYCS, BCL2
bta-mir-338 CAPN5
Glutathione biosynthesis bta-mir-183 GCLM
Regulation of cellular mechanics by calpain protease bta-mir-182 CAPN5, GRB2, EZR, MRAS, VCL, CAST
bta-mir-183 ITGB1, EZR
bta-mir-338 CAPN5
Calcium signaling bta-mir-182 HDAC9, NFAT5, HDAC2, GRIA1, PPP3R1, CREB1, HDAC7, MEF2C, PPP3CA, CAMKK2, GRIA3, PRKAR1A
bta-mir-183 CAMK2D, ATP2C1, SLC8A2, TPM1, MEF2C, ATP2B4
bta-mir-338 TP63, CAMK2A, MEF2C, TPM4, CAMK2G
Calcium transport I bta-mir-183 ATP2C1, ATP2B4
  1. amiRNAs that exhibited the respective significative canonical pathways based on the list of target genes provided