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Fig. 2

From: The Dictyostelium discoideum homologue of Twinkle, Twm1, is a mitochondrial DNA helicase, an active primase and promotes mitochondrial DNA replication

Fig. 2

Effects of twm1 antisense inhibition on D. discoideum mitochondrial function. a Plaque expansion rates of twm1 antisense transformants on E. coli B2 lawns. Rates are plotted against antisense vector copy number, which was determined through qPCR. b Relative twm1 mRNA levels in antisense transformants, quantified using qRT-PCR, normalized against a structural gene (tubB) and calculated as a percentage of the parental AX2. Values were plotted against antisense vector copy number. The twm1 specific primers (Additional file 3: Table S1B) used recognize downstream of the region targeted by antisense inhibition to quantify only full length twm1 mRNA. c mtDNA copy number of twm1 antisense transformants. mtDNA copy number was determined through qPCR by comparing against a single copy nuclear gene, tubB. Antisense transformants were also compared to the parental AX2, and values plotted against antisense vector copy number. Parental AX2 is depicted in black, with transformants in grey; antisense transformants are shown as squares, while vector controls are diamonds. Vector controls were plotted ignoring vector copy number (102, 142 and 193) given there was no antisense inhibition

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