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Fig. 5

From: Coincidence cloning recovery of Brucella melitensis RNA from goat tissues: advancing the in vivo analysis of pathogen gene expression in brucellosis

Fig. 5

Schematic of work flow for indel assessment. Diagram depicts steps conducted in the paper to compare the recovered coincidence cloning reads to the original bacterial culture used for goat inoculation in this experiment. In this case, the species of interest was B. melitensis, with a culture of strain 16M from the National Animal Disease Center collection used for goat inoculation. The methodology exploits natural SNP variation between the stock tube culture and the published NCBI reference sequence for B. melitensis strain 16M for SNP (single nucleotide polymorphism) assessment. The procedure is presented as a suggested workflow for application of this methodology to future coincidence cloning experiments assessing samples with low pathogen abundance and, therefore, potential for environmental contamination

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