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Fig. 1

From: Quantitative profiling of BATF family proteins/JUNB/IRF hetero-trimers using Spec-seq

Fig. 1

Spec-seq of BATF/BATF2/BATF3 with JUNB. a BATFx dimerizes with JUNB to bind to DNA. b Oligos used to generated the library used in the Spec-seq experiment. Only the binding sites are shown. Each of these sequence in the library is flanked with sequences for amplification purposes as described in “Methods”. c Energy logos for BATFx–JUNB heterodimers for both TRE and CRE binding sites. Since these binding sites have no directional preferences, these logos are generated as symmetrical. Single variants from the consensus BATFx–JUNB binding site of GAAA were used to generate these logos. The Y-axis is negative energy in kT units, so the preferred sequence is on the top. Energy PWMs are in Additional file 3

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