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Fig. 4

From: Recommendations for mRNA analysis of micro-dissected glomerular tufts from paraffin-embedded human kidney biopsy samples

Fig. 4

RNA concentrations in hemalaun-stained micro-dissected glomerular substructures. As expected, the RNA concentration tends to increase in dependence of the number of micro-dissected glomerular tufts (a) and Bowman’s capsule (b) transections. However, obtained amounts of RNA were not proportional to the number of glomerular transections. Interestingly, there is only a slightly higher RNA concentration in the glomerular tuft compared to Bowman’s capsule transections. Based on these data with a high fluctuation of RNA concentration in hemalaun-stained samples, we can only provide a conservative recommendation of using 300 deparaffinized and stained Bowman’s capsule transections, which reveal sufficient RNA concentrations of more than 30 ng/µl. Each symbol (open and filled triangles, squares, circles and one asterisk) represents one patient sample (n = 9; cohort I)

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