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Fig. 2

From: Recommendations for mRNA analysis of micro-dissected glomerular tufts from paraffin-embedded human kidney biopsy samples

Fig. 2

Advanced technique for micro-dissection of glomerular substructures. For this purpose, we used only deparaffinized sections followed by a short hemalaun stain to detect nuclei most effective and obtain a faint satisfying pattern. We micro-dissected three different compartments from paraffin-embedded human renal biopsies: glomeruli, parietal epithelial cells (PECs) and periglomerular tubulointerstitium. One exemplary glomerulus is shown (A). After micro-dissection of the glomerular tuft (B), PECs can be micro-dissected (black arrowheads, C) and are separated from the glomerular tuft (D) as well as discontinuous regions (A, E, red arrowhead). In the last step, periglomerular tubulointerstitium was micro-dissected (F). MMI laser technique and software, magnification ×400, short hemalaun stain

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