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Fig. 2

From: Nutrient depletion and TOR inhibition induce 18S and 25S ribosomal RNAs resistant to a 5′-phosphate-dependent exonuclease in Candida albicans and other yeasts

Fig. 2

18S and 25S rRNAs protected from Terminator digestion as organisms shift to stationary phase and analysis of 5′-end for possible role in protection. a C. albicans growth curve at 30 °C in YPD medium. b SYBR gold stained gel of total RNA isolated at different time points either digested with Terminator (d) or undigested (u). c Northern blot of gel seen in a using 25S and 5S specific probes (Table 1). d RNA digested with Terminator alone or following TAP or AP digestion. As can be seen both 25S and 18S remain protected after AP digestion but get eliminated after TAP digestion. CFUS colony forming units

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