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Fig. 5

From: An optimized rapid bisulfite conversion method with high recovery of cell-free DNA

Fig. 5

Bisulfite genomic sequencing analysis of three genes in plasma cfDNA of breast cancers. In each nucleotide sequence of the region, bold characters indicate CpG dinucleotides. For nucleotide sequence of the RASSF1A region, The complementary strand was used as a template. As a consequence, cytosine methylation status of the complementary strand is reflected as guanine residues. Nucleotide sequence analysis of plasmid clones: a treatment with Zymo EZ DNA methylation-lightening kit; b 70 °C for 30 min. Each row indicates an independent plasmid clone. Open and closed circles indicate cytosines and methylcytosines, respectively. Arrows indicate positions of cytosine at CpG dinucleotides

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