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Fig. 4

From: An optimized rapid bisulfite conversion method with high recovery of cell-free DNA

Fig. 4

a Dynamics monitoring of the deamination reaction at 90 °C. b Dynamics monitoring of the deamination reaction at 70 °C. Monitoring of the deamination reaction as a function of deamination time using primers designed for an unmethylated part of the MLH1 promoter. Three different primer sets were used to amplify total deaminated and undeaminated DNA, deaminated DNA, and undeaminated DNA separately. ddPCR detection of the three products was performed with a common molecular probe. The copy number represents the average amount of copies from 20 plasma samples. Open circles indicate the copies of total DNA. Open triangles indicate the copies of deaminated DNA. Asterisks mean the copies of undeaminatd DNA

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