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Fig. 1

From: Sumoylation in p27kip1 via RanBP2 promotes cancer cell growth in cholangiocarcinoma cell line QBC939

Fig. 1

p27kip1 can be sumoylated at K73 modification site. a The sites predicted by the model developed by Xue and Ren at the website of b The immunoprecipitation result with the antibody of SUMO1 as the probe. Also, plasmids expressing 1st–99th amino acid (aa) and 100th–198th aa with or without mutation in potential sumoylation sites fused with flag tag were used for protein immunoprecipitation and purification in QBC939 cells, followed with anti-SUMO1 antibody examination, as shown in c. Also, flag-p27kip1-WT and K73R point mutated form of p27kip1 were constructed and transfected into QBC939 cells, immunoprecipitation with flag antibody reveals that K73 is the sumoylation site for p27kip1 (d)

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