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Table 1 Overview of cases included in this study

From: An optimised protocol for isolation of RNA from small sections of laser-capture microdissected FFPE tissue amenable for next-generation sequencing

Case # Gender Breed Age (years) Subtype of simple carcinoma
1 f Basset 12 Tubular
2 f Vizsla 10 Cystic-papillary
3 f Samoyed 5 Tubulo-papillary
4 f Maltese 14 Tubular
5 f Tibetan terrier 12 Tubular
6 f/n West highland white terrier 12 Tubular-solid
7 f Havanese 13 Tubular
8 f Chihuahua 8 Tubulo-papillary
9 f/n Bracke 9 Cribriform
10 f/n N.d. 13 Tubular
11 f/n Appenzell mountain dog 6 Tubular
12 f Boxer 9 Tubulo-papillary
13 f N.d. 4 Cystic-papillary
  1. Clinical data from dogs with simple mammary carcinoma; Case# case number as referred to within this study, f/n female, neutered, n.d not disclosed. Age age at excision of tumour