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Fig. 6

From: Splicing arrays reveal novel RBM10 targets, including SMN2 pre-mRNA

Fig. 6

SMN protein expression in human fibroblasts following transient RBM10 KD. Expression was quantified using the Odyssey CLx Imaging System. a Three transfections into wt, carrier and SMA Type 1 fibroblasts, with analysis of RBM10 and SMN expression at 96 h post-transfection. The infrared picture for SMN expression in the SMA Type 1 fibroblasts was enhanced to enable visualization of the bands. b The ratio of SMN to GAPDH expression for four transfections (n = 4) was graphed. Results were expressed as means and standard errors. Significance was measured using an unpaired Student’s t test, where *p = 0.046 and **p = 0.01. NT non-transfected, mock mock-transfected, Tr transfected

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